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Slow loading the images?

Each download is a zip-file containing packaging artwork in PDF format, plus Video in MP4 format or Audio as a collection of MP3s. Please remember, these are large files and may take a long time to download to your device(s). Each download is provided with at least three redemptions/uses against which only successfully completed download attempts are counted. If a download times out, is interupted, etc., the system will record an error. You won't need to worry about this unless you get lots and lots of them -- in that case, please reach out.

We had an incredible time creating these digital goodies. However, since many of the technology tools we're using to deliver these digital products were created by us just for you, there may well be some bumps in the road. Furthermore, our internet hosting capabilities are not such that we can guarantee lots of and lots of people nice fast simultaneous access. Please be patient and let us know if things just don't seem to be working!

Best email for contacting us is
You may also call, txt, or send encrypted txt using Signal to (612) 217-1742.

David, Dee & Corwin
on Behalf of Adam, Lojo, Scott, Emma and Steven.